Augustine Golf Club

It was the determination of an international developer from Japan that initiated the concept for an individual to belong to a “high end country club for a day”. The public course development took place in an historic area of the United States that was the boyhood home of the Father of Our Country, George Washington. Augustine Golf Club, named after Washington’s father (Augustine) was envisioned to be the prototype for golf course community development with the guiding principles of historical, cultural, and environmental sensitivity.

goals & objectives

  • Assemble multi-disciplinary team of professionals
  • Golf course community and environment co-existing
  • Sensitivity to existing site topography
  • Efficient utilization of water resources
  • Course playable for golfers of all skill levels

approach employed


As a result of the distance and language barrier confronted when developing a project for an international client, Jacobson Golf Course Design played the leading role in assembling the project team. Architects, engineers, and contractors were sourced, evaluated and then finally selected in order to execute the complexities of the project.

Several alternate golf course routings were formulated until a final solution was reached. The result was a reduction in earthwork requirements from 1,200,000 cubic yards down to 230,000 cubic yards. Our approach to the sensitivity of the existing topography allowed residential parcels to be situated on higher elevations creating dramatic landscape views overlooking the golf course. We also incorporated Resource Protection Areas (RPA’s) which protected the natural open space network of lakes, streams, and wetlands. The result... the creation of a pristine setting for the community of Augustine Golf Club. It is a breathtaking and exciting par 71 course which is designed with multiple tees allowing golfers to enjoy a course varying in length from 6,725 yards to 4,892 yards.


  • 50 additional golf course frontage lots resulted from creative golf course routing
  • Golf hole design that respected the topography saved over $1,500,000 in earthwork
  • Lot sales exceeded projections by 42%
  • Golf course frontage lot premiums exceeded projected premiums by 17%
  • Golf rounds outpaced competition


The sensitivity with which the golf course routing was seamlessly integrated into the existing land resulted in a golf course that appeared mature upon opening while increasing the value of the adjacent real estate. Golf Magazine ranked Augustine Golf Club in the “Top 100 You Can Play” and stated that the course is “ instant

classic…flowing...strategic...versatile”. The exceptional aesthetic experience is reflected in the Washington Times description of “...awesome beauty…an absolutely unmatchable experience on a traditional masterpiece”. The striking beauty of the golf course is matched by its playability for which Golf Digest for Women ranked Augustine in the “50 Best Places to Play in America for Women”.

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