Bowes Creek

The “holistic” approach to planning used at Bowes Creek reflects a visionary paradigm for creating golf course communities in harmony with nature while remaining financially viable.  The golf course was used as a transitional buffer between clustered residential enclaves and the site’s interconnected environmental corridor system.  Sustainability practices resulted in a golf course with significantly reduced manicured turf grass acreage, a storm water recycling system, and a water quality enhancing “treatment train” essential to the sensitive natural ecosystem.

goals & objectives

  • environmentally sensitive design
  • sustainable approach to golf course development
  • utilize smart growth / land use principles
  • promote “green infrastructure”
  • create a setting for a quality lifestyle
  • sustainable approached to community development

approach employed


The collaborative efforts of the project team resulted in a "Master Planned Community" that integrates the natural features of the site, the infrastructure requirements, and the built environment. This creative development approach protected ecologically diverse habitats and resulted in 84% of the site preserved to open space. Utilization of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provides the foundation for long term sustainability.


  • country club for a day quality
  • economic viability
  • wetland preservation
  •  wetland enhancement
  • floodplain utilization
  • innovative storm water purification system


Golfers have returned time and again to enjoy the exceptional  experience that resulted from the preservation, and enhancement, of natural wetland systems. We were pleased in providing a dynamic foundation for the risk/reward strategy of golf holes. Unique golf hole designs evolved from complex floodplain development requirements for storm event compensatory storage and conveyance modeling. An innovative storm water runoff “treatment train” utilizes natural water purification systems including vegetative filtration, soil absorption, plant assimilation, and groundwater recharge to enhance water quality.

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