Pre-Entitlement Process & Construction Process

Based on our experience of over 150 projects we have developed an acute understanding of Owner’s specific needs based on a variety of project types. Jacobson Golf Course Design, Inc. is positioned as a solutions provider for projects that require;

  • Project Team Meeting: Develop strategy for presentation of project to governing agencies.
  • Public / Member Workshop / Design Charette: Public / member input will define project direction.
  • Joint Agency Pre-Application meeting: Local, state and federal officials.
  • Project Team Meeting: Develop strategy for efficient and timely approvals while preserving the integrity of the vision for the project.
  • Preparation of Working Drawings
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications & General Conditions
  • Preparation of Agreement between Owner and Contractor
  • Final Construction Cost Estimate
  • Final Construction Schedule

Examples of our Work

Bowes Creek

The “holistic” approach to planning used at Bowes Creek reflects a visionary paradigm for creating golf course communities in harmony with nature while remaining financially viable.

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Lion Lake Resort

The project site is located in a region known as the #1 recreational area within the “pearl triangle” of Southern China.

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